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Say Goodbye to Frizzy Hair with These 7 Tips!

Say Goodbye to Frizzy Hair with These 7 Tips!

We all want to wake up with those Insta-glam smooth and shinny hair but in reality, frizzy hair can be a bane of our daily lives! Those dry, stiff, rough and damaged hair is such an annoyance to style with especially when you have a cute date waiting to see you! 

Frizzy hair is mostly caused by lack of moisture and unwashed hair with too much product built-ups. It can also be caused by heat from any sources such as heat styling tools and even hot water followed by over-shampooing. 

Here are some tips to tame those frizzy hair for you. 



1. Choosing the right shampoo & conditioner 

This is such a straight-forward tip yet most of us neglect to find the right products for our frizzy mane! We often splurge on chemical treatments on our hair to make it look good but what's most important is our hair-care routine

Finding the right products can be tough as there isn't any samples for shampoo and conditioner as they are always sold in full size. However, you can always ask your stylist for recommendations in our salons and even choose certain products available in our salons to try them out at the hair wash basin. That way you can try if the products is good for your hair or not. 

Here is a list of our favourite anti-frizz hair products available on our online store! 

2. Embrace the cold water 

We recommend using lukewarm to cold water to wash your hair instead. While they feel so relaxing and good, hot water can be damaging to your hair follicles and easily cause more frizziness. It will strip the natural oil from your hair and that's how you actually loose the shine from your hair. 

Comb through your hair with a Tangle Teezer first before rinsing as well, to ensure a lesser chance of your hair getting tangled and damaged later.  It can also make sure the shampoo and conditioner are able to reach to all strands of your hair to replenish moisture. 



3. Skip a shampoo-day 

Some of us can't go without washing our hair on a daily basis especially when the weather is so humid! But if you really have very frizzy hair and stay mostly indoor, we recommend you to skip a day (or two!) before shampooing your hair again. This is to let the natural oil in your hair settle before being strip off too often by the shampoo. 

However, if you use a lot of hair products such as hair sprays, wax or gel, do wash it off because product built-ups are very bad for frizzy hair as well. Besides, the sticky residue from these product can get on your bed pillows as well! 



4. Be gentle with your hair 

Remember we told you that wet hair is the most vulnerable especially right out of shower? So, please be gentle with them! try squeezing the water out of your hair after shower instead of scrubbing them vigorously to make them dry faster. Scrubbing those vulnerable strands will only make your hair more damaged and frizzy later. 

Remember to use medium to low heat when blow-drying or styling your hair too! 



5. Don't forget the leave-in conditioner 

This is definitely a no-brainer when ti comes to frizzy hair. For finer hair, we recommend cream or milk-based serum as they are usually more light-weighted but can tame frizzy hair at the same time. For coarser hair, we recommend oil-based serum as they can slightly weigh down your hair while giving you shiny smooth hair! 

6. A little spray goes a long way

For a quick fix, lightly spray a little hair spray on a comb and gently comb through the flyaways. This method can be used to tame those frizzy baby-hair too! Using this method not only to lessen the deposit of hair spray on your tresses but also keeping those annoying frizz at bay. 


7. Fizz versus Frizz 

This may come as a surprise for most of us but carbonated water is actually a great way to tame frizzy hair. The low PH of carbonated water is not only good for your scalp but also great to get rid of the product built-ups on your hair. 

Try out our Tansan wash in our salons if you haven't already! You can enjoy the Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash at RM32 when you do any services in the salon.