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Heal Your Skin With Potions

Heal Your Skin With Potions

Crafted following age old traditional Ayurvedic recipes that has been passed down for generations, locally grown skin and body-care brand Potions strives to offer you a huge part of the rich Indian culture.

Practising strictly on the 6-free formulations (NO sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colouring, fragrances and mineral oils), Potions only produces their unique formulations using plants-derived ingredients and pure essential oils. All products are made of 100% natural ingredients and cruelty-free.

Starting from the top, we have one of Potions best-selling product namely the Lip Scrub. It is made mainly of fine caster sugar and bind together with coconut oil. Available in three flavors - Mad Matcha, Lady Marmalade and CocoaNutz, they are infused with matcha powder, orange peel power and colloidal oatmeal with cocoa powder respectively for three different benefits.

Mad Matcha is rich in antioxidant for anti-ageing purposes while Lady Marmalade is recommended for dull and discolored lips. Both are equally effective in gently exfoliates while the coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes your lips at the same time.

Our personal favourite, CocoaNutz, is a powerhouse lips scrub that will gently exfoliate, moisturizes and repairing damaged skin with its sublime combination of cocoa and virgin coconut oil.

76 Tip: For those who loves the tinted lip trends but found it hard to get an even application, we highly recommend you scrub your lips with these right before you apply your lip tints.

For those who are looking for a body lotion that doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your skin, you can try out the Potions Lotion Bar (35gram). Available in three options - Vanilla Ice for skin soothing, Rose Red for eczema relief and Mad Matcha for both eczema relief and mosquito repellent!

Packaged in a twist capped round tin, the lotion bar is solid and portable so you can even bring it aboard flight with you to keep your skin moisturized at 35,000 feet in the air!

Made mainly with nourishing cocoa butter, herb infused virgin coconut oils and solidified with beeswax, the lotion bar glides and melts smoothly upon skin contact.

76 Tip: We fully recommend you to avoid putting any pressure whilst gliding the bar on your skin and just let your body’s heat do its work in depositing the lotion onto your skin. Then, gently rub the lotion on your skin until fully absorbed.


If you are craving for something with an extra oomph in your body lotion, you can try out the Potions Premium Lotion Bars (75gram).

Available in two different options - Jaffa Truffles and Coffee Butter, these lotion bars are made of cocoa butter and supported with Gromwell Root infused virgin coconut oil and coffee infused virgin coconut oil respectively, fully targeting the different skin issues that you may have.

 The Jaffa Truffles infused with sweet orange oil is recommended for anti-aging effect, while our personal favourite, Coffee Butter infused with caffeine is to minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

76 Tip: Using the Coffee Butter, give yourself a gentle massage using the generously topped side of coffee beans to stimulate blood flow for healthy glowing skin!

Last but not least, the light-weighted and non-greasy Potions Body Oil (125ML) is our most coveted item from the brand. If you’d prefer an oil moisturizer instead, this might just be what you are looking for.



As usual, Potions offers three different essences of body oil for your choosing, namely - The Canary, The Immortal and La La Land. Besides hydrating your skin with the generous combination of three plant-based oil (sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and jojoba oil), each of the three oils are infused with specific blend of essential oils for different moods.

The Canary can help to stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic system and The Immortal is recommended for sensitive skin and for a calming muscle relaxing massage. While our personal favourite, The La La Land is just perfect for a good night sleep with its soothing infusion of French lavender essential oil.

76 Tip: After applying the oil on your skin, you can massage the leftover oil on your hands onto your fingernails & cuticles or even your hair end!

If you are interested in trying out these products from Potions, now’s the time! We’re currently running a Mid Year Sale on selected products in our Number76 e-Shop.


From 1 May - 4 May 2018, you can grab any Potions products at 50% off. With every purchase above RM300, you are entitled a complimentary home care hair kit worth RM36 (while stocks last) and a Number76 Hair Salon Cash Voucher worth RM10.

Happy shopping, everyone!

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