Beware of Fake Products!

Some reports say there are many counterfeit copies of Milbon and other hair care products being sold on EC sites.

Many of those packages are manufactured precisely, so it is difficult to differentiate if they are authentic or fake (some of them labeled as 100% authentic). 

Using counterfeit products, you may not get the desired effect as well as damage your hair because we can’t know what ingredients they contain.

Please check the product and if you find it to be counterfeit, please refrain using the product and purchase another authentic product from a hair salon.


How to identify fake products

※Milbon products are sold exclusively to beauty salons. Therefore, all Milbon products sold outside of beauty salons may be illegally resold or counterfeit.


A price that is significantly lower than ours are possibly counterfeits.

The hair care products that we sell are 100% authentic products that we have officially purchased from the manufacturers.

We try our best to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. 

So please consider our prices as the standard for authentic products.


2、Erased lot number from product box. (only for Milbon products)

If the lot number on the box has been erased, the product is likely to be an unauthorized resale.It’s for hiding the source of the resale.

Possibility that the resale product is not a fake but a legitimate product, however the storage conditions are suspicious, so there are concerns about the product.

Buy products with lot numbers on them.


3、 No numbers or alphabets stamped on the bottom of the container.(only for Milbon products)

There are numbers and letters written on the bottom of the Milbon container.

If there are no numbers or Roman letters on the bottom of the container, the product is most likely fake.

It is difficult to check before you buy the product because you have to open the box to find out, but you can check if you suspect a fake product.