The Apothecary Solid Cologne Admiral

  • 72.00 MYR

Handcrafted for the modern man. 

Fresh and oceanic with Magnolia and Dill, followed by spicy Pepper and rich Grey Musk. Admiral is commanding, daring and ready for adventure, bravely navigating the elements with force and authority.

Featuring the crisp scent of freshly cut grass, Admiral is rounded off with warm fragrance of spices.

Green Mandarin, Ginger, Magnolia, Dill, Nutmeg, Pepper, Grey Musk, Tonka Beans, Cedarwood.

Beeswax, Shea Butter, Virgin Almond Oil and Fragrance Oil.

How to Use:
To apply, simply scrape out a small amount of cologne onto your finger and gently rub on your wrist and neck. For a longer lasting scent try applying behind your ears. Each application should last about 3-4 hours.

Product Care:
Keep it out of extreme heat such as car and under the sun. It is generally alright to keep it in pocket unless you plan to stand under the sun. If it melts, pop it in the fridge for 3 mins and you can use it back again!


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