Oway Volumizing Hair Bath 240ml

Oway Volumizing Hair Bath 240ml

126.00 MYR

For fine, lifeless, floppy hair. It cleanses fine and fragile hair, bestowing body and strength. It purifies the scalp lifting the hair from the roots.

How to use:
Apply to wet hair, massage in and rinse.

OWAY product lines with natural & organic active ingredients for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Packaging in 100% recyclable & reusable amber glass to reduce environmental impact to a minimum.

Active ingredients:
Biodynamic Yarrow
- It stimulates micro-circulation, improving the health and strength of the hair structure.
Organic Ginger
- A decongestant and antioxidant, it has stimulating, purifying and antiseptic properties.
Ethical Purple Rice
- Rich in anthocyanins that give it a characteristic purple colour, it is ideal for fine, brittle and damaged hair, as it restores strength and vigour.