LebeL Viege Shampoo
LebeL Viege Shampoo
LebeL Viege Shampoo
LebeL Viege Shampoo
LebeL Viege Shampoo

LebeL Viege Shampoo

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Vegetable supplement for scalp and hair.

Just as taking supplements gives the body nutrients from inside, it is important to give scalp and hair the care ingredients that are suitable for one's age. Enjoy becoming more beautiful with the powerful energy included in vegetables!

The refreshing and calming scent of Viege Shampoo alone is enough to set you in a good mood after a bath. It is also efficient in cleansing off excess sebum, metal ions and odor to restore a healthy scalp with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rejuvenate your senses with its bright scent of fresh greens and grapefruits.

 Gently cleanses delicate scalp
 Neutralizes metal ions in tap water 
 Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory
 Supports penetration of treatment

Power Ingredients:

 Loofa Extract
✓ Perilla Extract

How to Use: 
Wet hair and lather shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nice scent and calm the scalp

The shampoo helps lessen the itchiness of my scalp when used daily. Should be used with a hair conditioner for better results. It also has a pleasant flowery scent.

2in1 function shampoo

Love the 2in1 function shampoo, no need to buy 2 different shampoo for hair and scalp. I use it everyday!

can use everyday

Can use for both hair and scalp, and not too dry or oily, suitable for daily use!

Good scent

Very good smell! Ingredients very mild, even sensitive scalp can use! All my family members also using this!

Refreshing smell!

I love the smell so much, it's so "happy" & refreshing because of the fruits & plant extracts. With just small portion, the foam & bubbles can be formed easily on your scalp & hair, it makes it easier for you to massage your hair & scalp while shampooing.

My hair has more volume compared to using other normal shampoo.