LebeL Viege Hair Treatment - Soft

  • 98.00 MYR

Vegetable supplement for scalp and hair.

Just as taking supplements gives the body nutrients from inside, it is important to give scalp and hair the care ingredients that are suitable for one's age. Enjoy becoming more beautiful with the powerful energy included in vegetables!

Condition your hair with all the condensed goodness of nature. For softness or volume, Viege's Hair Treatment strengthens hair from within, alleviating unwanted kinks and regaining suppleness for beautiful hair. 

Rejuvenate your senses with its bright scent of fresh greens and grapefruits.

✓ Increases moisture and strength
 Supports hair shaft for aging hair
✓ Loosens kinks that cause tangles
 Makes hair soft & supple from within

Power Ingredient: 
✓ Asparagus stem extract boosts softness and moisture levels

*Price inclusive of GST.