LebeL Viege Activate Essence

  • 198.00 MYR

Vegetable supplement for scalp and hair.

Just as taking supplements gives the body nutrients from inside, it is important to give scalp and hair the care ingredients that are suitable for one's age. Enjoy becoming more beautiful with the powerful energy included in vegetables!

For thicker, stronger, and fuller hair, pick up Viege's Medicated Essence hair tonic enriched with ingredients that penetrate deep into the scalp to promote blood flow to activate cellular activity for hair growth.

 Promotes hair growth 
 Stimulate thick, strong hair.
 Anti-hair loss
 Relieves itchiness & dandruff concerns
 Helps with hair loss after illness & birth

Power Ingredients:

 Ginseng Extract
 Licorice Leaf Extract
 Bamboo Root Extract
 Mulberry Root & Bark Extract

How to Use: 
After shower, towel dry hair and apply 8-10 pumps onto clean scalp then massage gently. Leave in and style hair as usual.


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