LebeL Viege Root Care Mist

  • 98.00 MYR

Vegetable supplement for scalp and hair.

Just as taking supplements gives the body nutrients from inside, it is important to give scalp and hair the care ingredients that are suitable for one's age. Enjoy becoming more beautiful with the powerful energy included in vegetables!

Formulated with active ingredients, Viege Root Care Mist offers a lifting effect as a few sprays adds density and bounce to the roots, creating a youthful and voluminous silhouette. It also conditions scalp environment by eliminating dryness, tension and odor while adding elasticity to the roots lifting your hair lightly.

 Lifts hair roots for added volume
 Provides elasticity to hair roots
 Conditions dry, tight scalp
 Controls scalp 

Power Ingredients:

 Active Isoflavone 
 Apple Fruit Extract
 5 Types of Herb Essences

How to Use: 
After shower, towel dry hair and spray evenly 4-6 times towards hair roots. Then blow dry hair while lifing the roots and style as desired.


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